Our Vision

The history of wealth management teaches us that wealth preservation and wealth growth are driven by four fundamental pillars.

The systematic implementation of these four fundamental fillars is consistent in all our offered wealth management solutions, products and services during the entire stage of the investments, as well as in our internal processes.

The four fundamental pillars of wealth management:


Human activity exerts a profound impact on our planet and environment.
Given the challenges we are facing Abeloo’s ethos centres around an investment approach beyond generating positive and measurable impacts.
The urgency of the situation of calls for us to make profound decisions when it comes to our investments. Impact investing is not a choice; it’s a responsibility.

Based on academic research and practical experience, the performance of an investment portfolio is determined by the allocation of the underlying assets.
The selection of investments alongside investment discipline influence a portfolio's long-term results.
Abeloo’s wealth management centers around the client’s long-term needs , time-horizon and risk propensity.
Abeloo offers a range of wealth solutions optimized for various financial jurisdictions.

Time horizon is the key element of risk, likewise the element of security.
As a matter of fact, the longer the time horizon, the less impact a financial market shock or crisis will have on the long-term results of an investment.
Successful wealth management relies on the careful alignment between the need for cash commitments with the overall long-term investment approach.

Two types of expenditures occur during the wealth management process. Firstly, the fiscal treatment of an investment and wealth management solution and secondly, the cost related to the management of the wealth and the underlying investments.

Costs must always be considered in relation to the benefits of the investment and the wealth solutions.

Abeloo manages most assets directly and has a very transparent fee structure and does not receive any sort of retrocession from other companies to avoid any sort of conflict of interest.