Our Vision

The history of wealth management teaches us that wealth preservation and wealth growth are fundamentally driven by Four Fundamental Strength.

The systematic implementation of these Four Fundamental Strengths is our consistent policy on all our offered wealth management solutions, products, services and at any stage of the investment as well as our internal processes.

The Four Fundamental Strength of Wealth Management:

Human activity has a direct but also an indirect impact on the one and only asset humankind shares: The Earth Planet.
A large portion of human past and present production and its derivatives is originated from the subsurface of our Planet, estimated at 80%. The entire economical value chain from the research, the extraction, the transformation up to the consumption, even the destruction or the recycling exert a profound influence on the environment.
In view of the urgency of the climate change challenges and to preserve this invaluable asset represented by the planet Earth, Abeloo considers that it’s necessary to live the term “capital preservation” in its original sense. Abeloo intends to devote substantially all of its resources to the investment approach which focused solely on having a positive impact on the environment but also on the society and the governance of enterprises and States. This investment strategy is called Impact Investing. Impact Investing is not a choice, it’s our responsibility. Therefore, Abeloo started its activities with a blank sheet and proposes a single and unique investment policy.

Based on academic research and evidence but also on practical experience the performance of an investment portfolio is determined by the allocation of the underlying assets. The selection of an investment and the right Timing have a benign influence on the long-term results of a portfolio. Therefore, Abeloo’s wealth management and planning strategy focuses on the client’s wealth organization or even on the wealth reorganization which make it possible to exploit all offered opportunities by the entire range of wealth optimization solutions available in each jurisdiction.

Time, time horizon is the key element of risk or on the contrary the element of security. As a matter of fact, the longer the time horizon, the less a financial market shock or crisis will have an incidence of the long-term results of an investment. The Art of Wealth Management relies in the alignment of the need of cash commitments with the wealth solutions.

Two groups of expenditures occur during the wealth management process. On the one hand the fiscal treatment of an investment and a wealth management solution and on the other hand the cost related to the management of the wealth and the underlying investments. Accordingly, Abeloo measures the achieved performance after the deduction of all taxes and costs. Ultimately, only the available amount for its own consumption is decisive.
Costs must always be considered in relation with the benefits of the investment and the wealth solutions. The risk adjusted performance realised by the investment and the tax benefits during the life of the wealth solution and even in case of succession should be taken into account.
In this matter, Abeloo disclose the fees for the management of the investments, the advisor costs, the costs of the wealth solution structure and of course the costs of each underlying investment.
Abeloo charges a very transparent fee structure and do not get any form of retribution which is not disclosed to the client. Abeloo has no agreement with any fund management company to preserve its full independency and freedom of investment choices and selection. Abeloo do not receive any sort of retrocession from other companies to avoid any sort of conflict of interest. Conflicts of interest arise when Abeloo’s interests interfere with those of our clients. Conflicts of interest may improperly influence our judgment, objectivity or loyalty. They can also expose us to reputational and financial risks.